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Adoption Update on Axel

Adopted on January 13, 2024

About Axel

Admit it – the freckles on his nose caught your eye.

This incredibly handsome gentleman is named Axel.  He’s a neutered male mixed breed two-year old who is about 45 pounds.  He came to us from our good friends at LaMa Animal Rescue in Louisiana.  His story is interesting in that he was a third substitute – the first two dogs we chose turned out to be positive for heartworm, and so we were offered Axel and we accepted him gladly.

Axel gets along with other dogs and with people, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know him.  He’s a fun, happy dog, and we can’t wait to see who he falls in love with.

If you’re interested in meeting Axel, please call us toll-free at 1-844-DOG-LIFE.  We strongly recommend that serious adopters complete our online adoption application (at the top of the Adoptable Dogs page of this website) so that we have all your information in hand when you visit.

Let us know your interest in Axel