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Adoption Update on Baby

Adopted on October 17, 2022

About Baby

Meet Baby, a darling young lady who happens to be deaf. Baby is still coming out of her shell, and she has come very far from the excessive shyness and anxiety of when she first arrived. It took a little bit for her to figure out the routines here, but now that she is comfortable in her cabin Baby is really starting to enjoy life at Grammy Rose. She especially enjoys playtime with the other pups in her cabin and their trips up to the dog park.

Baby needs to take introductions to people at her own pace, but her trust can be gained with a little patience and treats. Once you’re in, you are in! Baby will cuddle like there’s no tomorrow and claim your lap has her throne- personal space means nothing, what’s yours is hers.

Baby would probably like a home with some other K9 companions so that she doesn’t ever have to be totally alone. Because she is deaf, it will take an especially understanding family who will take the time to work out a system of body language with her.

Let us know your interest in Baby