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Adoption Update on Bonnie

Adopted on December 14, 2022

About Bonnie

Bonnie is cuteness incarnate, the most “puppy” of this puppy bunch for sure. A cattle dog mix, Bonnie will likely grow to be a good medium size. She is cute and inquisitive- absolutely loves to help us get all the doggy meals together (and eat a stray kibble or two). She also tends to be the first to break away from the puppy play to chew on a bone, so perhaps a bit of an independent nature showing through, which would go along well with cattle dogs. If you’ve never had a cattle dog before and are considering Bonnie, please know that when fully grown they are energetic and will need a lot of daily exercise- both physically and mentally (puzzle toys, training, herding balls, etc).

Bonnie will likely fit into any energetic household that is willing to keep up with her breed’s nature. She will probably make the best hiking buddy ever! And if there’s one thing we know about Mainers, it’s that we love the outdoors. Wherever Bonnie ends up, the adopting family will definitely be completed with the addition of her love.

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