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Adoption Update on Brady

Adopted on October 10, 2022

About Brady

Say hello to Brady, a fluffy little fella with a vendetta against stuffies twice his size. It may take a moment for him to warm up to you, but then Brady will be your best friend- ready to hop up and go on an adventure. Brady walks very well on a leash and harness. Here at the rescue he has taken it as his special job to inspect every hole previously dug in the play park; he just pokes his whole little face right in there. If you’re a Labyrinth fan, you might even think he looks and acts a bit like Sir Didymus!

Brady may have been a parrot in his past life, he wants to cuddle so much he tries to crawl onto your shoulders and give you ALL the kisses. Brady can be a little picky with his treats, but otherwise he is easygoing and gets along with just about everyone.

This little man will be sure to make your heart feel just as warm and fuzzy as he is. We are sure that Brady will have no trouble at all finding his perfect forever home here in New England.

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