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About Charlotte

Say hello to Charlotte. This beautiful silver lady is a head turner, that’s for sure. Charlotte is a very happy and energetic girl looking for a family to match. She wants to meet everyone and do everything- hey, is that a new friend over there? If you’re looking for an active pal, Charlotte is your gal. Super sweet and lovable, and silly to boot; Char likes to take every toy out of the box… then walk around with two or three in her mouth at a time if she can’t decide which to play with first.

Charlotte Facts:
• High energy, and a high jumper!
• Walks very well on a leash

Best Home Fit:
• Active home with lots of love
• Could benefit from more rigid training
• We recommend leash-walked and/or high fencing

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Visit Us and Meet Charlotte

Charlotte can’t wait to meet you and neither can we! Schedule an appointment with us, tour our facility!