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Coming End of April!

About Coming End of April!

Cupid is a neutered male Pit Bull x who is 1 year old and 50+ lbs.  This pup is a social butterfly with a heartwarming personality.  He literally has never met a stranger and he wins the hearts of those he encounters.  Cupid is the shelter’s “social ambassador” who thrives on canine companionship.  He is also a great cuddler.

Brie is a spayed female Pit Bull x who is 2 years old and 59 lbs.  The first thing that you notice about Brie is that she is “drop dead gorgeous”.  With her silly antics and her goofy smile, she loves making new friends both human and canine.  She is always up for playtime, walks, and cuddles.  Brie is house trained and eager to learn.

Captain Sushi is a neutered male Pit Bull x who is 4 years old and 63 lbs.  The Captain is a gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life like belly rubs and good company.  Captain has a big heart and likes people.  He is energetic and loves to run in the play yard. When he came to the shelter, he had a microchip and, even though it was outdated, it made staffers think that Captain had lived with a family before.  When  Captain first came to the shelter, he was very accepting of all of the dogs.  As time has passed, he has become more selective of his friends.

Freda is a spayed female Pit Bull x who is 6 years old and of medium size.  She is a sweet girl with a quiet disposition.  She would be an ideal companion for those seeking a calm and loving canine friend.  Freda enjoys leisurely strolls and peaceful moments.  She is a good balance of playfulness and maturity.


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