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Adoption Update on Diego

Adopted on December 28, 2022

About Diego

Say hello to Diego the dingo! Okay, his paperwork says husky mix, not dingo, but it just has a certain ring to it. Diego is a very excited guy who is beyond happy to be in Maine. He loves walks, sniffing all the sniffs, and attacking the stuffies! Diego seems like he will be a property protector, he goes around the yard and play park sniffing everything MANY times to make sure he’s read up on all the “news”, as well as keeps an eye on his surroundings. He gets along well with his buddy, Madi, here at the rescue; proper introductions to new dogs are a must with his play style.

Diego is a young guy, probably about as tall as he’ll get but it’s likely he’ll fill out some more. This is the perfect age for training though, a well developed brain but no really bad habits ingrained yet- he could definitely use some work on leash pulling. But at the end of the day when it’s time to come in and relax, Diego is more than happy to snuggle up and be the recipient of your affections. Diego will make some lucky folks a fantastic life long companion.

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