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Adoption Update on Dixie

Adopted on December 13, 2023

About Dixie

This beautiful mixed breed girl with the deep brown eyes comes to us from Louisiana and our good friends at LaMa Rescue.

She was surrendered at the same time as our pal Chevy who was adopted just recently, but she didn’t travel with Chevy because she had just been spayed and needed time to heal.  We’re delighted she was included in this trip.  Dixie’s foster in Louisiana shared that she is very sweet, very calm, and relaxed.

We can’t wait to see who Dixie falls in love with so she can start her new, better life here in New England.  If you’re interested in meeting Dixie, please call us toll free at 1-844-DOG-LIFE to make an appointment.

Let us know your interest in Dixie