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Adoption Update on Duncan

Adopted on March 27, 2023

About Duncan

How do you do, Duncan?! Duncan might be a cartoon dog, he just has that look. If you picture a dog without having a specific one in mind, that’s Duncan. He’s a happy fellow with some beautiful coloration to his coat. Duncan is a mix of several different cattle dogs and a bit over 2 years old. So while he is not quite so puppy, his cattle dog heritage is still high energy and will require a family willing to put in the time for proper exercise and enrichment.


Duncan Facts:

  • Always ready for adventure!
  • Good smallish/medium size
  • Loves to run, chase toys, and play


Best Home Fit:

  • A doggy friend would be fantastic
  • Due to energy and jumpy nature, not the best for small children
  • Plenty of room for exercise and enrichment
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