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Adoption Update on Ellie

Adopted on December 2, 2022

About Ellie

Ellie coming through! Or Queen Ellie as her foster mom called her. This is an independent little lady who knows how to use her size to her advantage during puppy melee playtime. Often when the whole gang is in the living room, Ellie will hop up on the coffee table to look down over them all, calculating whose toy she is going to swoop in to try and steal. Sometimes she plays a little too rough n tumble for pups smaller than herself, she doesn’t realize how big she’s getting to be!

Ellie is on the shorter side of her bully mix breeding, which gives her an adorable clodhopper stomp as she plods across the play yard. However she is already around 50lbs and only halfway done growing, she’ll be a hefty gal as an adult. Ellie responds well to training, she already knows sit, and with her foster was learning to “kennel up”. At the end of the day, Ellie is more than happy to snuggle up next to you with her huge head resting on your lap. We know that Queen Ellie will decree love and lifelong companionship in whatever home she lands in.  Though Ellie and Sarah are sisters, they are equally happy being adopted individually.

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