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Adoption Update on Erica

Adopted on November 22, 2022

About Erica

Erica- the strong, the willful, the wonderful. Erica is an instigator of playtime, not-so-sneaky hunter of other puppies, and curious as all get out.  Her face markings look Dobie, her back legs say Shepherd, and all of her screams cuteness. Erica gets along well with her puppy playmates- though she can be a little domineering at times. She likes to run and pounce and play, but also to check the perimeter and mark her scent wherever anyone else has. She’s got the makings of a great pack leader and loyal companion.

Like her sister Bonnie, Erica is at the perfect age (around 4 months) to start training in earnest. She is smart and spirited, and her energy is ripe to be channeled into learning whatever you would like her to learn. We are so happy to have Erica here with us in Maine, and are excited to meet her adoptive family.

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