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Adoption Update on Ginger

Adopted on October 11, 2022

About Ginger

Meet Ginger, a beautiful Brittany/ hound mix who arrived to us with her litter of puppies. Athletic as well as snuggle-seeking, Ginger would make a fantastic companion in a semi-active household. She is always up for a walk or adventure, but then when it is time to wind down she will hop up on the couch right beside you. She is also wonderful when left alone, going back into her room is a breeze- straight to bed, not a peep of displeasure about it.

Ginger is fantastic with other dogs her size, she has even turned into a great companion here for one of our more anxious dogs- showing him the ropes of how great it is to go on walks and all other fun dog things! She fits right in here in Maine, we think she would make a great L.L. Bean model out on the trails.

Ginger will at first be cautious of new people, but warms up in no time- especially when you give her the good butt scritches. Soon after she’ll lock you in to her honey-topaz gaze with all the affection in the world. We know Ginger will find her perfect family here in New England, until then she is patiently waiting for her forever home.

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