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Adoption Update on Gretchen

Adopted on May 17, 2023

About Gretchen

Meet sweet, shy Gretchen. After 3 weeks with us, she is just starting to really come out of her shell. This gentle girl will come out of her room for potty breaks and will also go into the living room of her cabin, but tends to hide behind the sofa until all people are seated. After that she will come out and approach for greetings and pets. She is more open and willing when outside in her yard where she doesn’t seem to feel so boxed in, and she has recently discovered the joys of zooming around our play park and going for trail walks. We are seeking a home for Gretchen that will afford her more quiet and calm than she can get here at the rescue, and that will allow her to blossom at her own pace.

Gretchen’s papers say “bloodhound mix”, though we don’t know how accurate that is. She is about half grown at 40lbs, so we expect she will grow to be at least to the larger end of “medium sized”. Tell anyone you know looking for a sweet little girl about Gretchen!

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