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Adoption Update on Grover

Adopted on February 21, 2023

About Grover

Say hello to Grover! This happy almost-senior might trick you into thinking he’s a puppy sometimes, he is just so silly and expressive. His preferred speed is a brisk trot, which he uses to sneak up and pounce on toys. Grover is a very good boy, fully house trained, and never makes a mess of his bedding. He is always so happy to see everyone, and wants to be included in all things.

Grover Facts:
• Knows “sit” and “paw”. Fully house trained.
• Acts like an inquisitive puppy on walks, though he avoids puddles
• Kills all squeaky toys dead!

Best Home Fit:
• Any mostly quiet household
• Enjoys company of dogs and humans alike.
• Might make a great office dog

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