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Adoption Update on Hayley

Adopted on April 7, 2023

About Hayley

Say hello to Hayley! This happy pup has some of the fastest prancing paws you’ve ever seen. Between her adorable little mohawk, endless energy, and laser-toy-focus, this girl is as cute as she is playful.  Hayley has some silly ears that can’t decide if they want to stand or flop, making a perfect silly crown for her perfect silly face. Hayley likes to play with other dogs, and attempt to play with ALL the toys at once. This energetic young lady will make a fantastic addition to any family looking for an adventure sidekick.


Hayley Facts:

  • LOVES toys. Will attempt to pick up multiple at a time
  • Energetic and super playful. Wants to play with everything – “What do you mean this tupperware lid isn’t a toy??”
  • Ears that don’t-quite-stand-up, instead flopping on top of her head


Best Home Fit:

  • Still in puppyhood, will require training
  • Anywhere she can get enough exercise
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