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Honey Bear


Adoption Update on Honey Bear

Adopted on April 12, 2023

About Honey Bear

Here comes Honey Bear, a big goofy guy who’s always ready to play. This big boy arrived to us a little bit underweight, but his happy demeanor wouldn’t let you know he’s ever been lacking. Honey Bear loves everyone immediately- and if you pick up a toy or three to toss for him, he’s all yours. He’s a big dude with lots of playful energy, and Ball. Is. Life. Honey Bear plays well with other pooches, but he’s a big and excitable guy so some dogs might not like that.


Honey Bear Facts:

  • Ball? Ball!
  • Big guy with an even bigger head that he loves to lay on your lap after playtime
  • Empties his bedtime peanut butter kong in two minutes flat

Best Home Fit:

  • Plenty of playtime
  • Would like a doggy friend
  • Maybe not best for smaller children
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