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Adoption Update on Jenna

Adopted on January 12, 2023

About Jenna

Meet Jenna, sweet and slight. This little girl has that “permanent puppy” look, but she is fully grown. She is part of the “beagle group”, and we aren’t sure what else makes up their mutt profile. Jenna is a cutie patootie, right alongside her almost twin Krystie. When we first come to let her out of her room, Jenna is all excitement and stands up to “hug” your legs- she may even start to nibble at your hands because she’s so excited. After a quick run around the yard to potty and play, she is happy to come back inside and make a beeline for the couch. Sometimes she’ll opt for a hard chew toy, but most of all she loves to find your lap and settle in for a snore session. Jenna gets along very well with her friend Krystie, but has been known throw a little sass at others in the play group now and then. She is still working on proper potty training, but is getting used to our routines and doesn’t have many accidents. She is smart, and is currently learning how to “sit”. Jenna will make a wonderful addition to any style of household as long as she is promised kisses and cuddles for the rest of her days.

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