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Adoption Update on Jessie

Adopted on January 13, 2023

About Jessie

Jessie is a sweetheart with a darling disposition. She is part of the “beagle group”, and while she looks almost nothing like the rest of them, she does share the same brindle coloring that most of them have parts of; she’s just the only one who is brindle all over and got the traits of whatever other breed they’re mixed with. She does have a chest patch of white, which we joke makes her look like a Ding Dong cupcake (because she’s just that sweet). Jessie is shy at first, but a total lovebug. She gets along well with her friends, and when it’s couch time she snuggles right up to the nearest dog or human for companionship. Jessie is an “in your face” cuddler, and within minutes of being coddled in your lap her eyes begin to drift shut in contentment. Jessie will be a great dog for just about any style of home, and we cannot wait to meet the lucky people who get to love her forever.

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