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Adoption Update on Joey

Adopted on October 21, 2022

About Joey

When we sat down to write Joey’s bio, the response from our staff was unanimous.  Simply put, Joey is a “big ol’ goofball!”

That’s how we describe this happy-go-lucky Shepherd mix, who is about a year old and weights just under 100 pounds.

Yes, he’s a big dog, but he has a slightly nervous/shy side to him when he first meets new folks that’s kind of endearing.  His hesitancy wanes quickly though – as soon as you pet him he’s off to the races and is as bouncy and fun-loving as Tigger!  Sometimes he doesn’t quite realize how big he is, but we think with some training and structure, he’ll “get it” and be one of the best canine friends anyone could ever ask for.

Joey is super lovable, he’s a pleasure to be with and to be around, and our staff and volunteers love taking him for walks.  In fact, he’s quite good on leash – no pulling, and he keeps time with whomever he’s walking with.

So if you’re looking for a big, goofy, fun-loving and mild mannered gentleman, Joey is your man.

Let us know your interest in Joey