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Adoption Update on Johnnie

Adopted on October 4, 2022

About Johnnie

Meet Johnnie. You may remember his sister we had a little while ago- Reba- and he is just like her except for the color of his fur! Johnnie was born feral and spent the first part of his life out in the woods. He was very nervous when he first arrived, but with his new dog friends here at the rescue he is learning “how to dog” and has become very friendly and loves to receive pets. Right now he prefers to have one of his doggy buddies with him to go out and about on trail walks or to the dog park, so a home with another dog would be a good fit for him.

Things like cuddling he is still working on, but just like his sister Reba, we are confident that some local New England folks with big hearts will just fall in love with him and help him to learn all the best parts of people companionship. Johnnie does seem to have an aversion to smaller children, so we think he would probably do best in an adults-only household, or at the very least older teens.

Johnnie has become a quick staff favorite around here- we tend to fall in love with these dogs who have never experienced homey comforts and watch them grow into their full loving abilities. We are excited to see how he continues to grow and become more comfortable in a home environment, and we cannot wait to meet just the right people to take him into their home.

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