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Adoption Update on Justin

Adopted on January 14, 2023

About Justin

Meet Justin, an affectionate young man with slightly lopsided ears and a heart of gold. This guy is part of the “beagle group”, as we call them. They all seem to be beagle mixed with…we don’t know what! Justin here is the only one who actually has beagle coloring, but as you can tell by looking at him, his head shape is a bit more blocky and his ears not quite as floppy. Justin is a playful dude, but after a short burst of play he quickly calms down to be a top tier snuggling companion. When cuddled up next to you he gazes up at you from beneath his expressive little brown eyebrows, and every once in a while his lips get caught on a snaggle tooth in the cutest way. When not snuggling into your chest, Justin is content to find the nearest chew toy and entertain himself. Justin gets along well with his doggy friends, and likes to sleep cuddled up with them as well, so if you’ve got a pooch seeking a pal, he’s your guy!

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