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Adoption Update on Kenzie

Adopted on September 27, 2022

About Kenzie

Spitfire- thy name is Kenzie. This tiny bundle of energy and feist lets everyone know right off the bat that she is the boss. Vocal and domineering in a miniscule 9 lb package, some bigger dogs may even find that her firecracker energy outdoes their own. When playtime is done, Kenzie becomes a kissing and cuddling machine. You would never know that once upon a time this bright little soul was abandoned in a box on a 105 degree Texas day. Here at the rescue she has found a best friend and roommate in Sasha; Kenzie gets the comforts of a bigger dog buddy, and Sasha gets lent some of Kenzie’s confidence and playful energy.

Kenzie gets along with all other dogs (if they get along with tiny ankle-biters!) and will brighten up just about any home with her silly attitude. Young and eager to learn, this little girl cannot wait to find her New England home.