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Adoption Update on Ladybug

Adopted on October 18, 2022

About Ladybug

Say hello to Ladybug! A gorgeous and gigantic bluetick coonhound, this regal gal will make some lucky folks a fine companion. Ladybug is her own lady- until she wants some good ear rubs- but most of the time she is content to just be nearby, on her bed, or making use of that marvelous nose to sniff everything there is to be sniffed. At over 85 pounds, Ladybug will need a strong-armed owner to take her on walks, but she does mind the leash well; just when she catches a whiff of something too good she might tug toward it to investigate- as hound dogs do.

Ladybug does well with other dogs if they are willing to leave her alone, she is not much for romping and playing. She is always happy to see and greet new people, but if they walk by without a greeting prepare for a hound-dog-howl. Ladybug of course loves to sniff and go for walks in the woods, and after would like a nice big comfortable bed to snooze on. She would make a marvelous companion for just about anyone, but would perhaps prefer a more quiet home without a lot of rowdy and playful pups (four legged and two).

Ladybug is right at home here in the Maine woods, and we look forward to meeting her forever family!

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