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About Leo

Say hello to Leo! This playful guy is all about the affection, and at just over a year old he still has plenty of puppy energy to expel as well. Leo loves to spend time at the play park. Bounding leaps and running spats interspersed with slaying of the stuffies and chasing after a ball or two- though he doesn’t quite know that he’s supposed to bring them back. He has found a new favorite toy in the herding ball, he’ll be a soccer star in no time. Leo sure is enjoying all the fun Grammy Rose has to offer!

Leo had a pretty rough start to life, and he arrived to us quite underweight. You wouldn’t know it by his attitude though! Leo is one of the happiest guys around and absolutely adores people. Now about six weeks after arrival he has put on some weight, and we are honored to be able to bring this baby back to full-force vitality and health. Leo is your standard GMBD (Generic Maine Black Dog), but his personality shines bright with even a hint of human care given to him. He will easily fit in to just about any style of home, and we are almost as excited as he is to meet his forever people who will never let him go hungry again.

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Leo can’t wait to meet you and neither can we! Schedule an appointment with us, tour our facility!