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Adoption Update on Lilo

Adopted on May 2, 2023

About Lilo

Say hello to Lilo! This lovely lady is all about people affection, if she had her way she’d be the recipient of all the belly and bum scratches all day long. If you really want to get on her good side give those hindquarter hams a good scritchin’ too.


  • Boxer mix…maybe with shepherd because of the ears and coloring? Bulldog for the body? She has a dark ridge down her spine as well. We may not know the mix, but we do know she’s a gorgeous and fit girl
  • When we let her out she wiggles and wags and twists up against your legs asking for pets
  • Has springs in her legs as boxers tend to do, but doesn’t attempt to jump the fence (so far)
  • Likes to sit between (or on) your feet, she’s all about being right next to the human
  • Knows sit and lie down. Will work for treats!


Would make a great companion for active folks seeking a hiking buddy!