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Adoption Update on Maddison

Adopted on December 13, 2022

About Maddison

Meet miss Maddison, a boxer mix with the cutest close-set ears you’ve ever seen. And if her looks don’t capture your attention, her attention-seeking attitude will! Maddison loves to be in the middle of puppy playtime, toy wrestling time, and the eventual post-play cuddle time. We don’t know what she is mixed with, but probably some sort of bully breed by the way her body is shaped, and her papers indicate some Aussie Heeler. If the Heeler side is to be believed, expect lots of energy requiring mounds of daily exercise when she is grown. But just like any mutt, she is the cutest of her kind and won’t let you think otherwise.

Maddison will not be a small dog, so please be prepared for a medium-large adult if you are interested in adopting. She will require training, patience, and lots of love- but we know a lucky New England family is up to the task.

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