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Adoption Update on Marley

Adopted on September 20, 2022

About Marley

Meet Marley, a beautiful 7 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix.  Marley came to us via our friends at Ranger’s Reach in Texas in late May.  She was adopted locally, and through no fault of her own has returned to Grammy Rose.  Naturally, we welcomed her back with open arms and she’s been a delight.

Marley is very smart, highly trainable, loyal, affectionate and in the words of one of our staff members, “she’s just an incredibly sweet girl”.    She’s good at letting you know she needs to go out, and true to her breed, she’s faithful to and protective of “her” people.

She’s got great energy, and loves long walks and chasing balls though she hasn’t quite figured out the “bring it back” part yet.  We’re working on that with her.

We believe Marley will thrive in a variety of settings as long as she has ample opportunity to run and play and of course, to snuggle.  Give us a call if you’d like to setup an appointment to meet this precious girl.

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