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Adoption Update on Martina

Adopted on October 20, 2023

About Martina

Meet Martina, an adorable 5 month old mixed breed who comes to us from our good friends at LaMa Rescue in Louisiana.

Martina is one of four sisters that arrived at the same time.  Lucky for us, they each look quite different from each other, which makes telling them apart easier than usual for siblings.  Martin is a beautiful young gal with all the love and curiosity you might expect from a puppy.  We’re excited to see who falls in love with her first!

If you’re interested in meeting this total cutie, please call us at 1-844-DOG-LIFE and don’t forget to complete our online application (at the top of the Adoptable Dogs page) so we have your information before you arrive!

Let us know your interest in Martina