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Adoption Update on Mickey

Adopted on March 24, 2023

About Mickey

Meet Mickey! This big lug-o-love is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. His papers say Great Dane mix, we think he looks more St Bernard-y, but whatever he is, he’s definitely an abundance of adorable. Mickey has big everything: Big Love, Big Licks, and Big Hugs. He is still quite young and plays like it, and also is still learning house manners, but your patience in teaching him to be his very best big boy self will be rewarded a thousand fold with his undying devotion.

Mickey Facts:

  • Loves to play
  • Adores kids (maybe safest for them to be older than toddlers until he’s calmed a bit)
  • Is an escape artist – heavy duty kennel recommended if he will be left alone for extended periods (he also does great just in his doggy room here at the rescue)


Best Home Fit:

  • Not great with smaller animals (he wants to play too rough)
  • High fencing or a very strong-armed walker
  • TONS of love and affection to go around
  • He would ADORE another big dog to play with
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