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Adoption Update on Molly

Adopted on November 28, 2022

About Molly

Meet Molly the collie. Molly is a sweet girl with a gentle disposition.  She plays well with other dogs here at the rescue, and she also loves squeaky toys and to chase moving objects- though she doesn’t quite have the “bring it back” part down. She will play tug with you too, as long as it’s not overly aggressive, she really is quite gentle in all things.

Molly is very amenable to training; she even naturally follows your lead, so someone who wants a trainable companion would be a great fit. Really any type of family would work well. Most of all we think Molly just wants to be part of a family more than anything, and we are certain some lucky New Englanders will find her to be just what they are looking for as well.

Let us know your interest in Molly