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Adoption Update on Nyx

Adopted on December 23, 2022

About Nyx

Say hello to Nyx! This young lady is a half-grown cattle dog mix ready to love and be loved. She’s a little timid at first greeting, but soon opens up for snuggles and playtime galore. Nyx gets along extremely well with all of her puppy playmates, large and small. She is pretty submissive so far, not really caring about other dogs’ personalities and instead just has fun.

Little but mighty, she will continue to grow into a medium-sized dog (think 40+ lbs). Almost 6 months old, she is at the perfect age to accept training and be raised however you would like. Nyx enjoys playing with toys, pups, as well as people. Her cattle-dog breeding will likely evolve into an energetic adult who will need lots of daily exercise and mental stimulation (training, puzzle toys, etc.), so please have plans for either tiring her out yourself several times a day, or for doggy day care, a dog walker, etc. But after she’s exercised, you can expect some of the best snuggles around.

Nyx will make a fantastic addition to just about any family who can keep up with her as she grows, and in return they will get one of the best pups to ever come through our rescue.

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