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Adoption Update on Paddy

Adopted on September 27, 2022

About Paddy

Paddy boy is a little Irish laddy with a big heart and the softest fur. His expressive eyes and ears shine with delight at new discoveries (ahem– the stuffing inside the couch cushion), or contentment when you offer him the chewing bone. Sometimes all the puppies will be playing and he will just wander off to the side to explore by himself and find something new to play with. He makes his own fun in his own little world- which can sometime be a bit mishevioius.

Paddy gets along well with all the other dogs we’ve had him around, and would make a great addition to any family. Inquisitive, playful, and just a joy to snuggle with, we are sure that Paddy will easily find his forever home with some lucky folks here in New England.

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