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Adoption Update on Patrick

Adopted on October 14, 2022

About Patrick

Calling all outdoor-lovers, meet your new hiking buddy Patrick. This guys LOVES to run and play. He might be a bit much for lower-energy homes and housemates (Ladybug likes to keep excitement levels low and tells him as much), but other than that Patrick is a happy-go-lucky fella who wants to do everything with everybody and is just glad to be involved. Oh, and he has the best coat of hair you’ve ever seen on a dog, thick and luscious and soft. Patrick walks well on a leash, so well that sometimes he’ll even try to walk himself (leash in mouth)! He would love to go to a home where there is lots of room to run, perhaps with an equally energetic playmate to tumble around with.

Patrick is the perfect outdoorsy family companion, which we know is perfect for some lucky local New England folks!

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