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Adoption Update on Poppy

Adopted on December 29, 2022

About Poppy

Meet Poppy, a gal as sweet and bright as the flower she’s named for. Poppy is one of the friendliest dogs we’ve been graced to host- and that’s saying a lot! Most of our dogs are great, but Poppy is on another level of happy-go-lucky. She gets along with any dog she’s introduced to, as well as any person. And she is always ready to play! Even when she’s alone in her room she’s usually enjoying herself, rolling around on the floor with a toy. Or if going for walks is your game, she is fantastic on a leash. Poppy is ready to greet the world with a smile and curiosity that doesn’t quit. She lights up any space she’s in, and overall is just a joy to be with. And those cute little ears!

Poppy’s papers say she is about 2 years old, so she is fully grown and settled into her wonderful disposition. We have never had an “accident” here either, Poppy always waits to do her business outside. She will make a perfect addition to just about any style of home, so if you are looking for a fantastic girl to love and be loved by, Poppy for the win.

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