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Adoption Update on Prancer

Adopted on February 15, 2023

About Prancer

Say hello Prancer! This cutie pie is one of the most endearing dogs we’ve ever met. She has silly sideways snaggle teeth that contribute to her tongue coming out in a near-constant blep. When she gets more comfortable during cuddle time sometimes her tongue sticks out even more. In pictures Prancer looks black and white, but as with most of the “beagle group” her spots are actually a dark brindle. Prancer gets along well with all of her doggy pals, enjoying gentle romps in the yard. She also pretends to be a guard dog, alerting to any disturbances outside the fence – but really she’s just asking for whoever she’s barking at to come give her pets. It might just be because she’s still new here, but when out and about Prancer likes to stick nearby to people. Once inside Prancer quickly settles down for couch cuddle time, and loves nothing more that to crawl across your lap for afore-mentioned pets and then curl up leaned against you for a good nap. Prancer will slot right in to just about any style of home, and we are sure her sweet and silly face will attract her forever people in no time.

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