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Adoption Update on Rajah

Adopted on November 25, 2022

About Rajah

Rajah, like his namesake (the tiger from Aladdin), is very large, has lots of stripes, and wants to be your best friend. He also loves hugs! If you don’t come down to his level for one, worry not, he will come up to yours for a standing hug. He prefers full contact snugs, so prepare to lean into him just as much as he leans into you- he LOVES it.

Rajah gets along well with all dogs. He loves to run and play with the other pups up at the play park. He will also play with toys, though mostly he just prefers to be loved on. Rajah does have a touch of separation anxiety, so a big sturdy crate is recommended. He will also sing you the song of his people in a lovely soprano from time to time. He does walk extremely well with his leash and harness, though he is a big boy and will still need a strong-armed individual in case you cross paths with a squirrel. Overall he’s just a big goofy guy with an even bigger amount of affection to give. Rajah will make himself right at home wherever he lands, is your house in need of a big lug who likes hugs?

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