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Adoption Update on Reba

Adopted on September 9, 2022

About Reba

Meet our local Hershey’s Kiss. Reba was born feral, but with her sweet and gentle disposition you would never know it. She is not exactly shy of people- she will come right up to say hello- but is still figuring out this whole “cuddling” thing. She’ll lay at the other end of the sofa from you, then scoot a little closer with her head right next to you, then turn around and scoot back. THEN she’ll decide she can’t just sit still and come back to assault you with kisses all over your face. Reba does open up and become playful after she has spent some time with you, and has a great time running around the yard with our resident puppies!

At about 6 months old, she is mostly grown at her current ~20 pounds, she may continue and grow up to about 30 pounds, but we don’t think any bigger than that. Reba prefers to explore at her own pace, check out the perimeter, and make sure everything is square before relaxing. You will have to let her come to you, as she doesn’t take well to being picked up (skittish), but when it comes time to go back to her bedroom she goes right in and lays down with her toys.

Reba has already opened up so much in the short time she has been with us, and we cannot wait to see how much more this little bud blooms!

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