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Adoption Update on Rooney

Adopted on March 25, 2023

About Rooney

Looney Rooney Tunes! Give a big happy hello to Rooney, a silly young man with a great disposition. Rooney is pretty much fully grown at around 42lbs, and is just at the end stages of puppyhood. Playful and curious, Rooney is sure to put a smile on your face. As hounds are, he his happy to spend time with you, but not always with an in-your-face manner; he’s content to play for a few minutes, and then go off and do his own thing. Tends to get along better with female dogs.


Rooney Facts:

  • Playful, yet independent
  • Likes to run super fast with his pup pals!


Best Home Fit:

  • Happy to coexist in the same room without constant attention
  • Any home that can give him enough exercise
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