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About Sahara

Say hello to Sahara! Just coming in to the prime of her life, Sahara is seeking a home with lots of prime locations to lounge in between play sessions. We are especially fond of her whole-body-wiggles and wags we receive upon greeting her.  

Sahara Facts:

  • Loves to play fetch and wrestle with stuffed toys in short sessions
  • Spicy little crocodile: if she doesn’t deem you worthy, she will snap at your shoes! Sometimes during play she becomes mouthy as well.
  • Lone wolf- while she doesn’t seem to mind other dogs, she also does not seek them out for company.
  • Enjoys medium-length walks


Best home fit: 

  • Low foot traffic – little to no visitors, Sahara has ‘stranger danger’
  • No young children due to her mouthy play style
  • Quiet and sunny spots to snooze
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Visit Us and Meet Sahara

Sahara can’t wait to meet you and neither can we! Schedule an appointment with us, tour our facility!