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Adoption Update on Sahara

Adopted on November 30, 2022

About Sahara

This beautiful girl’s name is Sahara.  She’s a spayed Dachshund mix who originally came to us from Midland, Texas.

We don’t always know the story of where out rescues have come from. Sahara is one of those dogs that we suspect was not treated with kindness. Sahara has a hard time trusting new people, and because of this, would need to meet her adopter several times. With patience and consistency, you will be able to gain her trust. Sahara has been working with trainers and is making great progress.

Sahara likes to fetch, loves all the toys we have for her to play with, she likes naps in sunny spots, she likes going for walks, and more than anything in the entire world, she loves belly rubs. When Sahara fully trusts someone, she is sweet and loving.

We know that there is a home out there for Sahara. One that she can finally settle into. That home will be with someone who truly sees the Sahara’s value, and will give her all of the time, patience, and kindness that she needs and deserves. Her forever home will be without children and other pets. Call us toll-free at 1-844-DOG-LIFE to make an appointment to meet Sahara.


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