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Adoption Update on Sasha

Adopted on October 4, 2022

About Sasha

Meet Sasha, a bull terrier mix with the sweetest disposition. The beginning of her life was spent growing up on the hard pavement and has led to her feet being a little funny looking, but her happy-go-lucky attitude wouldn’t let you know it. After being in and out of the shelters and transports Sasha was very nervous upon arrival, but as soon as she was brave enough to jump out of the van she began to play and prance around with all of the puppies she arrived with. Sasha took an especial liking to the littlest of the group, Kenzie, and has become her roommate and babysitter.

Sasha needs to take introductions at her own pace, but after 15 minutes of scoping out the situation she comes right out of her shell and loves to prance and play just like the other puppies. She may do best in a more quiet home (older kids, if any) as she can get overwhelmed easily. It was clear when she first arrived that Sasha had never seen a couch, and it took some convincing from us for her to hop up and snuggle down- thought she is still working on this whole cuddling with humans thing. Her tender and affectionate personality will make anyone’s heart grow three sizes just by watching her learn that the world in a human house might just be an okay place.

We are so looking forward to finding Sasha’s new family, and we just know that some of the big hearts of our community will find room for her.

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