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Adoption Update on Ted

Adopted on November 25, 2022

About Ted

Ted the toasted marshmallow, at your service! This handsome young man is as inquisitive as he is playful. Little Teddy boy is about 7 months old and looks like he is shaping up to be a healthy medium sized dog. He gets along well with other dogs, and just like any boy he enjoys a rough-and-tumble play session or three. He can be a little toy possessive/aggressive, so keep an eye out there if you are a household that will be toy sharing- he’s young though, he can be trained out of it with consistency and patience.

Ted will make a wonderful companion for a lively household, or anyone who just wants a good buddy to grow old with. Those pointy ears with the tiniest flop at the top are sometimes too cute to handle. We think Ted would look fantastic in a red buffalo-plaid jacket in the backwoods of Maine. Now all we have to do is wait for his family to come along and fall in love with him!

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