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Adoption Update on Toto

Adopted on February 3, 2023

About Toto

Say hello to Toto! This little rascal is… a rascal! He’s everything you would ever think a puppy chi would be. Toto is always happy to see everyone, dog or human alike. He isn’t afraid of his bigger cohorts, jumping right into the playtime fray with Parsley and Rooney, or stealing stuffed toys twice his size and giving them the good ol’ shakedown.

Toto Facts:

  • Super playful and kissy
  • Gets along well with other dogs, but does bite their ankles in play!
  • Still working on potty training, but does well with our routines (going in the yard every couple of hours during the day)

Best Home Fit:

  • Lots of interaction time
  • Able to train a puppy, potty and otherwise
  • Hopefully some other doggy friends
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