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Adoption Update on Velma

Adopted on April 5, 2023

About Velma

Give a big warm welcome to Velma! This strawberry shortcake is sure to delight, with her puppydog face and adorable prancing trot. When Velma first arrived she was a little shy and scared, but she has bloomed quickly and absolutely loves attention and love.


  • Super snuggly couch potato
  • Doesn’t need a ton of exercise
  • Takes lots of naps (you’ll almost forget she’s there until she starts snoring!)
  • Has the cutest walking prance like a gaited horse
  • Wants to be in your lap getting all the pets and scratches
  • Can be picky about other dogs, likes to be left alone
  • Hasn’t had an accident here, keeps a tidy room!


Velma would likely do best in a more quiet household, where couch cuddling is the main event.

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