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About Webber

Give a big warm welcome to Webber! At around one and a half years old, he’s just a big puppy guy with all the silly wiggles that come along with it. Sometimes Webber doesn’t understand just how big and gangly he is, but that just means there’s more to love. Webber loves to play with toys- especially a good, bouncy ball- and of course doggy friends.


Webber Facts:

  • It’s always playtime in Webber’s world
  • Very happy to meet EVERYONE
  • Mouthy in play


Best Home Fit:

  • Big dog savvy
  • Might be too much for smaller dogs or humans
  • Will need lots of exercise and enrichment

Visit Us and Meet Webber

Webber can’t wait to meet you and neither can we! Schedule an appointment with us, tour our facility!