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Adoption Update on Zoe

Adopted on June 16, 2023

About Zoe

Meet the rambunctious Zoe! This girl is happy, perky, and filled with springs like Tigger! She is always super excited to see you, ready for whatever adventure is about to come her way. Her paperwork says around 2 years old, but we think she might be closer to just over a year with her silly energy and attitude. She’s a total goofball, all legs and wiggles, always looking to get into the next thing.

Zoe Facts:

  • Does best with structured schedule
  • Tall and leggy, but curls into the tiniest ball to sleep
  • Guards her resources


Best Home Fit:

  • Young and energetic household with some strong arms to walk her
  • At least teenage-aged kids or older due to her energy level
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