12/14/22 – Dixie’s Adoption

dixie adoption

Dixie has been adopted. This gentle soul has found a loving family to call hers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Jason of Buxton, ME works from home, and was looking for a companion for himself and his two kids. Along with daily life, Dixie will also enjoy joining the family on all of their […]

12/14/22 – Bonnie’s Adoption

Bonnie adoption

Bonnie – now Mavis – has gone to a loving family. This little nugget with ears bigger than her head has been adopted by Stephanie and Connor, who live with their kids just down the road in Sanford. They were looking for an energetic companion for their kids to grow up with, and the couple […]

12/13/22 – Ollie’s and Bandit’s Adoption

Ollie and Bandit adoption

Another two-fer! Ollie and Bandit have been adopted together by Leon of Buxton, ME. Leon had recently lost both of his dogs within just months of each other, and we just couldn’t let him go into the holidays with an empty home. Luckily we had two little guys fit for Leon’s life, and we have […]

12/13/22 – Lily’s Adoption


Lily has been adopted! They say the person matches the dog, and Samantha and Lily are living proof. Both of these lovely ladies are kind, caring, and ready to take on the world. Samantha lives just down the road in Alfred, ME, so we are sure to see them back here come summer time for […]

12/13/22 – Maddison’s Adoption

maddison adoption

Little Miss Maddison has found her forever home! John and Debra of nearby Wakefield, NH were seeking a young pup to integrate into their household. Having recently lost a dog, they were in need of a companion for their other 14.5 year old pup Jazzy – as well as themselves. Well, Maddison’s perked-up ears and […]

12/11/22 – Jabari’s Adoption

Screen Shot 2022 12 11 at 2.48.23 PM

Jabari has been adopted! Daniel and Katie of Dover, NH have found their forever furry friend. Jabari is a special guy with lots of energy and love to give, which is exactly what Daniel and Katie were looking for. The couple have no kids, but wanted to make an addition to their family and went […]

12/7/22 – Taz’s Adoption

002 Taz

Taz has been adopted by Mrs. Claus, a.k.a. one of our staff members, Emily. This is the second pup Emily has adopted from us, and she tried, REALLY tried to hold off and let someone else snag this cutie. But their bond was not to be deterred, and after weeks upon weeks of waiting and […]

12/5/22 – Marigold’s Adoption

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This is a sweet story: Once upon a time we were having some work done in Cabin 6, where Marigold lived. The journeyman who came to work that day did not expect to fall in love, let alone meet the next girl of his dreams. Cory and his wife Mandy live in Windham, ME, and […]

12/5/22 – Daphne’s Adoption

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Darling Daphne has been adopted! Our little nugget of sunshine has found her forever people. Janet and David of Porter, ME lost their last dog about a year ago. Daphne caught their eye, and after an initial visit she captured their hearts as well. Our little darling will be a spoiled only child with both […]

12/2/22 – Ellie’s Adoption

IMG 3841

Ellie has been adopted! Ellie, meet your new family Rachel and Jonathan (and son). This delightful young family lives just up the way in Bridgton, ME, and were seeking a companion for the family as well as for their boy to grow up with. They were looking for a dog that would be relaxed, loving, […]

12/3/22 – Scooter’s Adoption

IMG 3882

Scooter has been adopted! From a stray in Texas, to a house full of love in Maine, this sweet guy has found his forever family. Greyson and Tori live in Sanford with their 3-year-old son, and have been waiting patiently for the right dog to come through our shelter. After meeting our gentle boy Scooter […]

12/1/22 – Sadie’s Adoption

IMG 0557

Sadie has been adopted. William, who lives just next door in Shapleigh, has been biding his time waiting for his next soul mate to come along. Ever since he lost his previous dog he has been keeping an open mind and open heart in search of his next companion. He visited several shelters, but when […]