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10/12/22 – Dug’s Adoption

It’s hard to know who was happier about this particular adoption – Dug or his new mom.

Meet Amanda, who along with husband Kenneth and their son and daughter have adopted our little buddy Dug. The family lives in Waterboro, and could not wait to get Dug home to start his new life that will include walks, a fenced in yard to share with the kiddos, and all the usual things dogs do with their families.

Amanda told us they were looking for a dog that would be a great companion for their family, and Dug told us he agreed wholeheartedly with this plan (well, OK, he didn’t come right out and ‘say’ it but read between the lines) and jumped into Amanda’s arms for the farewell photo.

The moment we know a dog we’ve saved has a new and better life is a great moment. So from Texas to Maine and now on to Waterboro, Dug’s life is forever changed for the better because of Grammy Rose. Arf Arf!

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