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11/29/22 – Layla’s Adoption

BIG NEWS- Layla has finally been adopted. Our darling princess was becoming a bit of a mascot around here, and though we will miss her daily cuddles and antics, we are beyond thrilled that she has found such a perfect home. Jamie and John live in Sanford, and when they saw our “200 Days” post about Layla they just knew. They lost their dog over a year ago, and the hole in their hearts has healed enough to be filled by Layla’s endless love. Jamie works from home, and tells us that Layla is adjusting very well (proofed by many pictures of Layla sleeping on the couch with a contented smile on her face). Layla had a very rough start to life, coming to us from Off The Chain Rescue, and we were honored to be her safe space while she waited on her perfect people to come along. We are overjoyed, as are her new people, that Layla has finally found a loving home worthy of her unending affection.

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