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01/11/23 – Rally’s Adoption

Rally – now named Texas – has been adopted! This handsome guy was a staff favorite. Big, goofy, and a little bit timid, we gave Rally a couple of weeks to decompress after making the trip up from TX. It took a couple of tries, but the adoptive family that finally fit him were patient in their introductions and came to meet and spend time with Rally over several visits to make sure he was comfortable with them before coming home. Brian and Kim of Sanford say he’s settling in perfectly. They gave him a crate with an ever-open door that he likes to sleep in – and apparently he snores like a chainsaw! He also plays well with his new doggy-sister Daisy, and of course revels in couch cuddles galore. We could not have wished for a better home for this great guy, and wish Texas and Daisy happy tails for the rest of their days.

rally adoption