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12/14/22 – Bonnie’s Adoption

Bonnie – now Mavis – has gone to a loving family. This little nugget with ears bigger than her head has been adopted by Stephanie and Connor, who live with their kids just down the road in Sanford. They were looking for an energetic companion for their kids to grow up with, and the couple say she will “become another kid” in the family herself. The name Mavis comes from one of the kids’ favorite movies, Hotel Transylvania, and it fits her perfectly! Mavis will have constant companionship in this family of 6, and get to join them on all of their outdoor adventures. The kids can’t wait until summer comes back so they can take her camping! She had fun with her puppy playmates here at the shelter, but now Mavis will have all the love and companionship she deserves in her new home.

Bonnie adoption